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Swimming Humor

We go in hard and come out wet

Chlorine – Swimmer’s Perfume

You might want to get this funny swim shirt if you truly enjoy smelling like chlorine for the rest of the day after a swim session, as I do.  There’s just something invigorating about it!

chlorine perfume - funny swim shirt

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I was the fastest

It’s true and there’s proof! This is a really funny shirt. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone wearing it.  I wonder what kind of training I did.  My question now is, where’s my medal and picture of me on a podium?  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to keep training.  This is a great gift for a friend or teammate with a sense of humor.  Just hit that ‘buy’ button below.

Funny shirt

Funny shirt

Walking on Water

No walking on water today boys & girls!

caution wet floor pool

Can’t Burn Off Crazy

“You can exercise all you want.  You’re never going to burn off crazy.”


Shark Week with Ryan Lochte

“Shark week is a great reminder there are fast-swimming creatures more intelligent than Ryan Lochte.”

shark week ryan lochte

How’s the Diet Going?

Here’s a funny picture that shows despite all the training, not all of us reach our weight goals.

How's the diet going - funny

Forgot How to Swim

Here’s a funny swimming picture for the ladies….. and a few of the guys. 😉

I don’t care if you’re ranked #1 in the state for 100m freestyle.  I have a feeling you’ll suddenly forget how to swim if you see these guys lined up ready to save you.

Hot lifeguard swim - funny swimming picture